What Lies Ahead- Top Recruitment Trends for 2019


Finding the right talent at a particular job role is amidst the major challenges that businesses face today. Times where Candidates kept waiting for interviews and responses are long gone. Today’s Business world is candidate driven — Companies don’t pick talent, talent picks them.

Even the best recruitment agencies in India and Employer Brands have come to understand that catching the best talent isn’t easy in this cut-throat competition. The business world has seen various changes in the recent years including organizations’ recruitment practices and hiring strategies.

Here are Top Recruiting Trends for 2019 which are going to be widespread in the coming year, buckle up while we take you through the list!

1. Candidate Experience: A company doesn’t provide an experience to the candidates through their interview and selection process, they provide perception. Perception of the organization and their present and future if they are going to be associated with the same company. If a positive candidate experience can make them lean towards the option of joining the company then a negative experience can lead to their refusal for the proposal and spread bad word of mouth.

2. Structured Interviews: If you search on google the top interview questions, majority of what comes up are general despite different job profiles. The more unstructured the interviews are, the less job-related. Structured interview questions are of two types role-specific and general. One helps you evaluate the skills and attitude towards the proposed job and other assess their personal behavior towards the company and future perspective.

3. Inbound Recruiting: Advanced technology has brought out various changes, recruiting experts now consider their website career pages and social channels as one of their major source for recruiting quality professionals. The goal is to proactively attract and engage candidates to make them your next employer. Inbound recruitment process is the long-term solution for an effective hiring strategy.

4. Employer branding: 75% of job seekers research about a company’s reputation and employer brand before initiating application process. There shall be strong strategies to put out a positive image of your company in the market. If the market image of your company is negative, it would drive away top quality talent or put them in doubt before applying.

5. Candidate Relationship Management: CRM is a methodology for managing and improving relationship with present and future employees. Wondering How to attract top talent? The answer is Candidate Relationship Management. This approach manages company’s interaction with its current and potential customers. It uses data analytics about candidates’ history with a company to improve their relationship and focuses on their retention.

6. GDPR: The enforcement of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has completely changed the way recruiting operates. Businesses are taking a fresh glance at how they think, store and control data. Implemented recently, in May 2018 protects the rights of candidates to their personal information. Candidates will have the right to object if they don’t want their data to be used in a certain way. If non-complied, organizations can face heavy fines.

7. Employee Referrals: 82% of employers say that employee referral generate the best ROI. Researches show that employee referrals draw a higher volume of qualified candidates, they are more likely to be better fit for the company and cost less than a non-referral candidate. The trend is becoming more popular with time and is considered one of the key indicators in hiring strategies.

The more advanced technologies become, they impact every industry. The Human Resource Industry is ever changing. Organizations and Recruitment Companies need to be up-to-date with latest trends and practices to stay in the lane.

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