Do you need help attracting and hiring new staff? Is your employer brand important to you? When hiring us for a recruitment plan, we guarantee top quality and a personalised approach throughout the process thus ensuring we keep your employer brand and the candidate experience as number one priority.

While we are not a fortune teller, much of your job relies on the hope on hiring someone who you can see working with your company for several years into the future. Your HR Partner ability to attract and engage staff during hiring lifecycle is critical and this can help you hire the right candidates.


We go through your needs in Person/Phone and undertake a thorough analysis of the JD provided by you to ensure the best outcome. Once the profile has been agreed upon, it is time to post the job on Multiple Job Portals and allocate an industry specific head hunter to look for the right candidate.

Screening & Selection

We start by screening all your applications to find the ones that match your requirements. Selected candidates are then asked to do different tests to promptly give us and them a good picture of how good a match they are. This process is extremely inclusive which ensures that we only shortlist relevant profiles.

Matching & Presentation

Once the Canditates are shortlisted, we approach them for competence-based phone interview. We present our selected candidates to you including a brief interview summary if requested. After that, it is time for you to interview the selected candidates either by phone or face to face.

References & Follow-up

Once the final candidates has been chosen, we always take three references for them, at least one of which is a former manager. After the recruitment process is completed, your Recruit dedicated account manager will be available 7 days a week for any issues.